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For working out, dietary intake of nutrition is significant and along with it, the biochemistry also matters. If the body is undergoing excessive physical strain and is not being able to recovery well then there won't be sufficient results. To cope with this stress on the body, HGH XL promises to render body with high NO.


The supplement primarily focuses at developing the body's athletic build and stamina. It works by creating more HGH and Nitric Oxide in body and also activates better ability to manage the exhaustion.

What results does it provide?

  • Stimulation of metabolism for better calorie burning
  • Reduction of muscle recovery time
  • Development of Athletic performance
  • Boost in lean muscle mass
  • Decline in fat, sculpted physique
  • Better secretion of human hormones
  • High natural energy levels
  • Improved Sexual stamina and overall well being


  • L-Arginine
  • Astragalus
  • L-Ornithine
  • Panax Notoginseng
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids

How does HGH XL work?

This supplement formula is a secretagogue and helps in balancing the damage and enabling the secretion of Human Growth Hormone. Its amino acids trigger Nitric Oxide and keep muscular exhaustion controlled. With enhanced relaxation that body is provided though Nitric Oxide, more HGH is secreted and muscles receive boost. The ingredients boost Nitric oxide along with Human growth hormone within blood stream and keep the muscle cells nourished with oxygen so the body can undergo higher physical intense workout without feeling washed up.

How to use HGH XL?

The capsules should be taken as the dosage is recommended and should not be increased. Because it is pre-workout product, it should be used before hitting the gym and users should follow a safe, well charted workout plan that suitable for their body type.

What are HGH XL side effects?

There are no side effects for the product as it has been tested as per the recommended dosage. But users should not overdose unless stated to take a higher dosage than suggested.

What do users and experts saying about it?

Josh (personal trainer, based in California) said that he found about the product online and began his dose and was just astonished with results. When he found out that it was safe in long term too, he made several of his clients use the product and all of them gave positive feedback.


All ingredients are tested, natural and safe. The purity of the ingredients and potency also matches up to the expected standards. Besides, the ingredients quantity is also suitable for regular dosage and the product works quite effective, as the users say. In addition, the ingredients are great and the formula has everything that a bodybuilding formula should have and it is so user friendly. The packaging is sturdy as well and helps in keeping the excess fat off while sculpting body well.


Some users may find the cost to be a little higher than that of usual supplements. Besides, it can be hard to acquire it because it is not available anywhere else than selected third party websites and the main manufacturer website.

Is HGH XL recommended?

This supplement is a great product that really helps in keeping muscles developed effectively. Moreover, it doesn't cause any side effects and is easy to use and doesn't need to be developed into a shake. The best part is that it is really safe for the body and many of its users have stated that they will time and again use the product. Users have also expressed their satisfaction at getting results so easily and fast with this product.

Based on the user testimonials, safety and purity of ingredients, it is recommended.

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